Comodo firewall + openvpn cannot remote desktop

Hi All, i need a help,

i’m using Win Vista Business + Comodo firewall 3.8, connected to my office with openvpn / hamachi via 3G mobile broadband connection, it’s seems running well, I can browse to network shared folder on my office or connect to database server. But when I wanted to remote to other PC with RDP/VNC, just blank screen appeared. and if I disabled the firewall, I did a remote connection via RDP/VNC.

anybody can help me how to configure the firewall ??

ps. RDP / VNC is running well when connected to office Network (LAN)

thanks before

Can you show us your the Firewall logs as well as the Firewall’s Global Rules (Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy)?

my global rules is only
Block ICMP in from IP Any to IP Any Where ICMP Message is ECHO REQUEST

Can you show us your firewall logs?