Comodo Firewall Only - Windows 7 64-Bit Crashing Issue

Good evening everyone.

I would like to get some assistance in solving this problem. Not long ago I installed Comodo Firewall Only v6.0, and for some reason, it stops everything from loading up.

I then tried to re-install Windows 7 on my laptop, install Comodo Firewall Only v6.0, and it still does the same thing. However, it does successfully install, but then requires a restart when the installation has finished. So I decided to restart later and continue using my computer. But I then found out that any application that I open, before I restart my computer, it just crashes straight after they try to open.

Unfortunately, I cannot say if it is something to do with software compatibility issues, as there are quite a lot of programs currently installed. But I can definately say what AV applications I currently have installed:
• Panda Cloud Anti-Virus Free
• SUPERAntiSpyware
• Trend Micro RUBotted v2.0
• Trend Micro BrowserGuard v3.0

Lastly, I am currently using Comodo Firewall Only v5.12 which is working like a ~Diamond in the sky!~
, and is running fine along side these other Anti-Virus applications.

And just to give a bit more information, which may be of assistance to you, here are the specs of my laptop:
• AMD A6-3410MX Quad-Core Processor with AMD Radeon™ HD Graphics
• AMD Radeon™ HD 6490M/6520G with up to 3GB Ded. DDR3 Graphics Memory
• 750GB HDD

Thank you for taking your time to read this and helping me out with this issue.

TheGoldenDragon - Newbie Comodo Forums member.

P.s. If I am !ot! , then please tell me as I can sometimes not make sense in what I am trying to say. :wink:

Which one of the 4 AV programs are running in the background? We may be looking at compatibility issue(s) here.

I suggest to uninstall all four and see if that brings a change. If that fixes it install one by one until the problem occurs again.