Comodo Firewall only, disable Antivirus

Hello everyone,
I am not choosing CIS suite by reason, I just want the firewall, to protect the ports and rule the connections. After the update to 10(not windows, the comodo firewall version 10) I cannot disable completely the AV feature, which currently is even more annoying due to multiple false positives.
I spent money on separate antivirus, how can I disable the one built in Comodo?

Firewall - Custom Rules, Shows alerts per IP
HIPS - all off
Isolation - automatic isolation off
File classification - cloud classification off, missing option to turn off completely
VirusScope - off

with these it is still blocking me applications, for example the latest Java update.

What indication that you have that the AV is blocking files? What doe the event logs say for each component (AV, HIPS, Firewall, Containment)?

Please see the attachments

The worst UX thing you can do is to force me to unlock all of them manually to double my work during install process