Comodo (firewall only) and Threatfire, any conflicts?

Hi guys, can i use this 2 at the same time? if yes do i (need/must to disable some of their functionality in order to get them work properly) and on the top of that is it worth it?


Also what AV would be the best along with this combo?

  1. Avast
  2. Avira
  3. MSE
  4. Norton

I’m not aware of any conflicts.

My personal picks would be either Avast or Avira. Both are very capable. I understand MSE is pretty good, but I don’t have any personal experience with it. I haven’t used Norton for probably 10 years, but I stopped using it because it was a resource hog. It’s likely better now.

Ok, thanks for the answer! one more thing i used the Comodo firewall leak test and i scored 310/340 and at the end of the test i get message google chrome has stopped working, is this normal part of the test? and could the same error be the reason for that 30 points less?

Is this score good anyway? thanks!

Just tired it, it literally crashed every program that i use (this program is not responding, Norton DNS, and Avast disappeard from taskbar) and made my pc extremely slow (explorer crashing as well) boot up went from 16 seconds to like 40…i guess there are conflicts :frowning:

Btw this is what i got atm,

Avast pro, MBAM pro, Comodo Firewall.

Avast and MBAM will conflict, if you throw ThreatFire it may conflict with D+ thus adding it to trusted files/exclusions it should be ok…

as ThreatFire is somewhat a HIPS :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helps


Thanks for the help guys! :-TU

Mbam works fine no conflicts at all, but Threatfire made all of this problems i think, what exactly i should add to trusted files/exclusions? and should i do it before or after the installation of TF, because after i install it the pc become totally unresponsive and win7 crash so i don’t think i could add something to ignore list after the installation process. So it should be only the exe to both Comodo/Avast if im not wrong?

You really don’t need threatfire, because D+ does a much better job (Without the community’s input)

Add it to exclusions to both Avast/Comodo and possibly MBAM,
You install Threatfire, Let it run the ‘PC Security Check’ after doing so, a webpage should pop up, close that go immediately to CIS and Add Threatfire’s Folder to Trusted Files and Shellcode Injection Exclusions,

Then to Avast add Threatfire to the exclusions,

then to threatfire add Avast/CIS To exclusions

I’ve tested this on a Win7 With CIS/Avast Installed,

Should work…


Just tried it added exclusion (Comodo/Avast) and still the same result, thats it i wont install it even if it worked i knew it was a bit overkill, thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

P.S. I know D+ is fantastic but its always interesting to me to play with “maximum” security tools :slight_smile:

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Hope all is well with Avast/MBAM/CIS :slight_smile:


Sounds like it’s obviously conflicting with something, but I’m not convinced it’s between Comodo and Threatfire. It’s likely conflicting with Avast.

I’ve installed Threatfire on a virtual machine (Win XP Pro, SP3) with the full CIS suite installed. I haven’t experienced any issues, but that’s the fun thing about software and computers. There are literally millions of unique setups out there and it’s impossible for developers to account for every possibly configuration.

If you’re running MBAM pro, you’ll want to disable real-time scanning as it could conflict with Defense+. (Assuming you haven’t disabled D+)

Nah i didnt disabeld D+ and have no problems with MBAM pro till now, protection is enabeled if i run into some issues i will. What could be some signs of conflcits? also thanks for your fast replays guys!really appericated!

PC Performance Decrease Majoraly … High CPU Usage, High Memory Usage… BSOD’s Just glance at Defense+ Events (CIS > Defense+ > Defense+ Events) You’ll most likely will be able to see “Access Memory” Entries if there are any “Conflicts” but on some occasions you’ll receive a conflict but nothing in D+ Events :slight_smile:
Hope this helps


Oh i just cheked but there are no mbam entrys at all but there are some other strange ones.

Logitech Setpoint *my mouse drivers?

Internet Explorer? are this entries specificly in direction to conflicts only? i see many normal programs in the acces memory tab.

Threatfire also.

Hmm just to make sure you understand me guys, i’m not using CIS but firewall only why would realtime protection of Mbam conflict with D+ ? arent they different? can you explain to me this a bit i’m moderate user and i would like to know some more about this point, thanks in advance :-TU

Comodo firewall is protecting itself from other programs because malware could terminate it, if it is allowed to access memory. I suggest you to disable real-time component of MBAM and use it just for on-demand scanning, as MBAM isn’t so good in real-time protection (it has a lot of FPs and is quite heavy for the system). You can instead MBAM use any popular AV (Avast, Avira, etc.) or just CIS.

Use MSE as your real time AV; no conflicts at all.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Me again, my father bought 3 NAV license so now i would “have” to use Norton it seems, so in short any conflicts with Comodo firewall? i have read that maybe Norton Intrusion pervention can conflict with Defence+ is this true or i should use it as well?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Considering NAV has some sort of proactive security, yes there is room for conflicts.

You can try: NAV/Comodo FW (AV and Defense+ off).
Or: NAV/ WOT/ Sandboxie (in fact, the last two are indespensable in any combo).
Or: just forget NAV and go for CIS; roam this forums for the best configuration.

In fact the best set up of all is: Comodo FW/Defense+ (Sandbox on or off, your choice) and any basic free AV; WOT; Sandboxie; good sense.

Thanks! sorry for many questions im kinda new to in depth info about AV products etc, so in short there could be issues/conflicts but there also could not? how can i tell, cpu spikes? high memory usage? any info in the comodo firewall itself about this possible issues?

As far as i know Norton have beahaviour blocker and comodo HIPS they are similar but still different, my father kinda insist to use NAV and i dont want to insult him so i dont know what to do, do you think that there is a way to avoid conflicts? :frowning: