Comodo Firewall on a Proxy server...

Hi from Italy,
I’ve a 8 PC’s Lan with a Proxy server, FreeProxy, can I install Comodo Firewall only on the Proxy server to automate the protection of the entire lan? Is in your planning to make a Comodo Proxy, with nat, Dns, DHCP, ecc…?

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Bongiorno Fabrizio,

It should work, with a strong emphasis on “should”. There’s no reason I can think of why it wouldn’t, but there is a downside to running just one instance of CFP on a LAN. If you installed CFP just on the proxy, and a piece of malware on another LAN PC uses Internet Explorer to access the internet, the firewall on the proxy PC would only see an outbound request from IE, as it can’t interrogate the remote PC to determine the parent application of the request.

Why not install it on all PCs on the LAN as well as on the proxy? This would provide comprehensive inbound protection on the proxy and equally comprehensive outbound protection on each LAN PC.

Let us know what way you decide to go and how it works out. I’d be interested to hear how this pans out.

How good is FreeProxy? The specs on the website look good, but my experience with PC based proxies is limited to LanSuite (which sounds reasonably similar to FreeProxy).

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Ewen :slight_smile:

FreeProxy is a great proxy solution, very powerfull, but need a good setup to works properly.
Otherwise it seems to be much more powerfull of LanSuite.

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What I need is to setup a centralized firewall, like astaro, is it possible with a proxy/comodo firewall solution? Could exist a metod to analyze packet from Internet Explorer in the lan? I can configure many ports as I need (one for http, one for ftp, ecc…), is it possible to analyze with comodo this ports traffic and make packet filtering?