Comodo Firewall obtrusive when using GameMaker

I’m an avid user of the program GameMaker, however, whenever I run my project to test it, Comodo Firewall always pops up twice (because the program is a “new” executable and because it has access to media players). Is there a way to make Comodo Firewall more friendly, and less obtrusive when I’m using GameMaker?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Is the main application (Game maker) treated as a trusted application with Defense+ ?

It should be possible to create/edit the policies and have D+ trust gamemaker new executables using %temp%\gm_ttt_* wildcarded paths .

Editing gamemaker.exe run an executable> Modify… >Allowed Applications to include %temp%\gm_ttt_* will allow Gamemaker run the new executable created in temp subfolder (changing Gamemaker to Windows System applications will yield the same effect)

Creating a %temp%\gm_ttt_* (using Add > select\browse…) policy to allow the access right requested by those new executables by manually copying the corresponding access rights exceptions accessed through Modify… buttons (using trusted application will yield the same effect, though is advisable to create a more specific policy editing the Modify lists)

On XP the new executables require:
Allowed Hooks: %windir%\system32\DINPUT.DLL

Though needed permission may vary depending on the feaures of these executables, CIS config protected entities or OS (vista vs XP).

maybe turn to your trust .
just a try.