Comodo firewall not working with Firefox


Could someone tell me why Comodo works with my IE6 browser, but not with my Firefox 1.5, which is the browser I use. Clicking on Comodo Summary screen (with FF as my browser) does nothing. No response to turning anything on or off. Searched the forum, but couldn’t find anything that answers my question.


Hi dux & welcome to the forums.

Which version of the firewall are you using?…took me a minute to find that!

Do you mean the CPF front-end GUI is not working?

But, I don’t quite understand the browser connection in reference to buttons not working (visible?) on the CPF GUI. Sorry, can you expand on what you’ve previously described. Thanks.

I’ll try to explain…

When I turn on my computer and open a page with FF, three little screens come out of my system tray saying nothing is working, escentially. When firefox is being used, my Summary screen has nothing but red buttons. Aplication Monitor, Component Monitor etc. Some of the screen can be clicked on and openned, but once there, I cannot get anything to change by clicking…eg, Tasks>Define a New Trusted Application-nothing when clicked. Component monitor screen clicked, but cannot change “turn on”, turn off, learn mode at all. Or, under Advanced>Application Behavior Analysis, I cannot check or click anything there. If I move my security setting to BLOCK ALL, none of the Security Monitoring Boxes are Green. They are now an unhighlighted red-but my Protection Strenght is “excellent”. Now if I open IE6 and close FF, the buttons on my Summary screen go green.

Under activity, there is nothing reported. Firewall not doing anything.

Then I can only conclude that its something to do with ActiveX components. The only trouble is… I thought Comodo took them out of the GUI prior to Or perhaps, the installation is corrupt. Try an un-install/install & see if that fixes it. Failing that, you’ll need to go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this issue. Give them your long description… more detail the better & include your version number. Please post any feedback you get here. Thanks.

Thanx for your attention to this matter Kail.