Comodo Firewall not utilize all CPU Power and no updates for v5.2..?

Okay, this problem has been occured for the last 21 days and I get sick of this…

I’m using Comodo Firewall with Defense+ disabled most of time, with Windows 7 gadget “Top Process Monitor”, cfp.exe always stays on top with 12.6% of CPU load… I’ve been wondering, why not 50% or 90% for faster or efficient processing despite my CPU is Intel Core i7. I have no problem if my CPU got eaten with useful process, but Comodo Firewall kinda lockdown at 12.6%…? Any explanation…?

And when I check the version of my Comodo Firewall, it’s says version 5.12 and no update available but when I checked in this forum yesterday there is version 6.2, what happened here…? Do I have to check this forum every single day to know there’s updated version…?

Regards, tridentcore
Sorry if my English is bad…

As for the update question, updates to V6 have not yet been pushed to V5 users. The reason for this is that some of the bugs in V6 (as much of it is new code) were being ironed out before being offered to the majority of CIS users, who still use V5.

As for your CPU question, your screenshot seems to show cfo.exe using 12.5% CPU. Am I reading it incorrectly?
However, if it is a Comodo Firewall process, you don’t want it to eat up more CPU. The less it uses the more is available for other programs to run more efficiently.


You are the only person I have ever heard of that that wants their firewall to use more CPU. Every other complaint about CPU usage is always that it uses too much! It doesn’t matter how fast your CPU is or how many processors it has, you will always get better performance if background processes like a firewall use as little resources as possible.

So the solution is updating the Comodo Firewall manually with offline installer…?

well… my complaint is without a reason… for the last 6 months Comodo Firewall is always shown a laggyness when I approved some request from a program to access the internet or some local IP address request a connection. That’s why Comodo Firewall get stuck to processing my approval and have to wait a minutes inside “that” 12.6% of CPU utilization to complete.

Yesterday when I wanna disable Firewall componenet for a moment, right click in the icon tray and what…? the pop-up menu doesn’t show after 2 minutes because “that” 12.6% of CPU utilization which is I know Comodo Firewall has some process to be done and give me a great delay to pop-up the menu. This is also occured when I double-click the icon tray to show the Comodo Firewall main window, guess what… 40 seconds delay.

I guess more user policy is more laggy shown… 5 years with Comodo Firewall but still wanna using it…

It sounds like you may have problems with your current installation. If you wish you can upgrade to the newest version of CIS. This may solve at least some of your issues. To do this please follow the advice I give in this topic in order to ensure that leftovers from V5 do not cause additional problems once you install V6.

Also, please do not import any old rules, if you have created any, directly into the new version. This has been shown to be problematic, and as you already seem to be experiencing problems, would be something I would advise against.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


I’ve been trought all… after normal uninstallation cannot proceed {it says install source cannot found - most hated problem of all time) and Revo not showing any Comodo product, I’m cleaning up with Removal Tool, deleting registry entries, manually delete driver files and services with Driver Remover, manually delete folders and yet… when I wanna install the latest version always got stuck in 67% and my internet connection became RTO or Limited Access. I’ve been tried all of them 3 times and everytime my wireless cannot online I have to uninstall my Intel Wireless and let the Windows install it again then I can back online.

Comodo Firewall has been in my notebook for 3 years and yet this time kinda make me disappoint, still cannot looks other firewall product because I’m 100% familiar with Comodo Firewall. Please make this fixed.

What else I gonna do for this problem…?