Comodo Firewall not updating

Hi there.

I using Comodo Firewall 5.12.x. When I try to update, it came with the message that the version is the latest.

But this is not true, because it is available the Comodo Firewall 6.3.x. Why it is not possible to perform the auto-update?

Thank you in advance,

there is no upgrade from CİS 5.xx to CİS 6.xx :wink: because some people love to use version 5.xx

You can use this link below to upgrade CİS 5.xx to CİS 6.xx :


Thank you very much for your help. :-TU

Do know a threat where I can read user opinions about Comodo Firewall 6.x?

Thanks in advance.

You can find something about it in the Comodo Forum

ok. thank you.