Comodo Firewall not responding

Hi Comodo Users,

Ive been using comodo firewall these days, and when I tried opening and closing it, it said not responding, I tried to restart, but had to force restart. Is comodo still protecting my computer while its not responding? Is this a bug that needs to be fixed?

The only other program Im using is panda cloud antivirus and I updated microsoft windows a couple of days ago, what do you think is the problem?

I had firefox open while it happend listening to online radio and missed an alert popup for dw20.exe or something.

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Did you try looking in your Windows event viewer or CIS logs for anything?
dw20.exe is related to Windows’ Application Error Reporting included with Microsoft Office 2003. It collects information automatically whenever an Office application crashes and allows users to send a report directly to Microsoft. Were there any other applications open that could have crashed? I doubt dw20.exe would run if CIS crashed, since it’s not even a Microsoft program. Maybe another application crashing is causing CIS to crash as well? Any other security products installed that run with CIS?