Comodo Firewall Not Recognized By Windows 10

I just uninstalled a previous version of Comodo Firewall and installed CIS v12.2.2.7036. I didn’t need the antivirus so I changed the configuration (using the windows uninstall option) to firewall only. I then imported the previous setting from the old version of the firewall. Everything was looking good but, unfortunately, Windows is no longer recognizing the newly installed Comodo firewall. The security center is now telling me to activate the Windows Defender firewall. However, the new Comodo firewall is active and in Safe Mode. Is their something I can do (other than turning off the security center message) to make Widows 10 recognize the new installation? Thank you for your help.

Windows takes time after system startup to check status of installed 3rd party security software because the WSCSVC service has a startup type set to delayed automatic startup.

If it doesn’t resolve itself as futuretech suggested, you can try reinstalling. If you want to use the offline CIS installer, go into options, then components. Uncheck antivirus. Only keep checked what you want. That’s how I did it and so far I haven’t had any issues with Comodo registering with Windows security center.