Comodo firewall not "learning"

I installed the firewall a few days ago. I spend at least an hour a day approving things while it is in “learning mode” . However, it does not seem to be learning anything. I have to approve the same things every day. If a dont approve an internet page ad, then I cant open anything with Explorer after that. I basically have had to change settings to allow all in order to use the internet. Anyone else have this problem? Am I doing something wrong? I have had several different firewalls over the years and have never had this sort of problem.

Welcome, reiki2012…

Comodo firewall does not have a “learning” mode as some firewalls do. The only aspect of it that works this way is the Component Monitor; where it is recommended to leave it set on “Learn” for several weeks or until the majority of your internet applications and plugins have been run, before switching to “On” as this will help reduce popups to Allow various components of each application.

Based on what you’re saying, it sounds like you may be experiencing alerts for Application Behavior Analysis. These will happen when one application communicates with the browser in a way that could potentially be used by a virus or trojan to get access to the internet. If you know both applications listed (gotta read that popup alert!) it is generally considered safe to Allow.

Another aspect may relate to your Alert Frequency (Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous); by default this is on Low. The “higher” it goes, the more detail in the rules, the more popup alerts you get, and so on.

BTW, CFP does not filter internet content (such as advertising), nor will it give you alerts for some inbound access; it will simply block anything you have not previously specifically allowed. The only time you will get popups is regarding an application trying to gain outbound access.

Hope this helps,