Comodo Firewall Not Functioning Properly

Hi guys,

First off, I’m new to these forums and would like to wish everyone a happy new year.
I’ve been using comodo for the last few years and think its great.

The problem I am having is as follows.

I recently installed comodo on my sisters labtop as other Anti Virus software were doing nothing.

Ok here goes

First off after installing Comodo I keep getting

The network Firewall is not Functioning properly. And when I run the Diagnostics tool it finds no problems.

When I scan the computer for virus;s it shows up one but freeze’s afterwards whens its scanning the systems files.

How do I post a list of whats its finding, I can call it up but wont let me copy and paste it any ideas,

Sorry if I seem such a noob

Are there other security programs running in the background? Try disabling them. Does that help?