Comodo Firewall not compatible with GDATA antivirus

G-DATA antivirus does not function properly with comodo firewall. GDATA has a feature known as “web protection”. Whenever web protection is enabled, comodo firewall shuts off the entire internet connection and the browser can’t load anything.

When the web protection feature of GDATA is disabled, everything works fine. I have given G-DATA full permission in comodo firewall. If the comodo firewall is uninstalled, GDATA’s web protection feature works. I think the problem is that G-DATA antivirus acts like firewall too. It has behavior monitoring feature and whenever a change is about to be made to computer, GDATA asks user for permission. After that comodo does the same thing.

However, the GDATA is antivirus not firewall. The firewall is only in GDATA security suite. Please let me know how to resolve this problem.

I use Gdata and Comodo Firewall i havent any problem
what is the problem?
Win7 x64

It is probably related to the G-Data web protection acting as a local proxy. Try looking up topics about Avast v5; that is most likely the same problem and you can find a solution there.