Comodo Firewall not accepting global rules for Hamachi


I have a problem with Comodo Firewall not letting through traffic related to Hamachi VPN.
My friends can not ping me and no game lobbies show up. I’ve used older versions of Comodo Firewall before and they work perfectly.
What led me to believe the problem is the firewall is that everything works fine when the firewall is disabled.

steps I have taken: Added a network zone for Hamachi with my hamachi ip’s and added all of my friends Hamachi ip’s as well.

Added a global rule allow their ips, my ips, the hamachi zone, and their ports.

running: Windows 7, No router, Hamachi shows up as direct tunnel and I can ping them just fine.

You shouldn’t need to add your ip or your friends ip in the network zone, all hamachi users are in the same network block. Hamachi no longer uses the netblock since RIPE NCC has been handing out these addresses to their customers. Hamachi now uses the 25/8 netblock.

So a create a network zone with an IPv4 Subnet Mask:, then use the new zone to create global IN and OUT rules.