Comodo Firewall + Norton Antivirus

I’m running (and I love) the Comodo Firewall with Defense +. I’m about to install Norton Antivirus. Any advice on making them work well together?

Over on the Norton forum, I saw someone advise turning off NAV’s sandbox component (IPS), and leaving Defense + enabled (because they said Defense + is a sandbox…is that what it is? I thought the Comodo sandbox was something else/new, and I’ve never been sure what Defense + was, though I guessed it was real-time scanning).

I’m using Windows XP Pro sp3.

CIS has a sandbox that is enabled by default. We recommend to never use two security programs that have the sane functionality. When using NAV disable the sandbox there.

Defense + is not a real time scanner. Defense + is a Host Intrusion Protection System. It will monitor what programs are doing underneath the surface of Windows. In its raw form it will alert a lot. CIS uses extensive white listing and sand box to greatly reduce the big amount of D+ alerts while still staying secure.

the sandbox is kind of an automated defense +. if enabled it will automatically sandbox unknown programs and limit there rights depending on what setting its set to. comodo has a huge whitelist of programs. if a program is sandboxed this doesnt mean it malicious it just means comodo hasnt yet analysed it so the program will only be able to do certain things in the sandbox.