Comodo firewall-- no "remember this" option!

Updated today and comodo is not giving any option to remember about my browser( Opera/ Firefox/ IE) when it tries to connect to internet.
I get two popups each time i launch Opera( trying to act as server as trying to connect to internet), but there is no option to remember this action.

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Just found out the cause I am running my browsers sandboxed in GesWall.
If I run the browsers out of sandbox then I do get the option 'Remember this".
As far as I can remember I did not faced this issue before the update, now I wonder if there is any way to get rid of these pop ups!

Here is popup when firefox is out of sandbox.

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Try removing your application rules for Opera and restarting Opera. I had this with edexter after removing WGAtray. The rules were recreated via popups and works fine now.


What CPF tells you is literaly true. GesWall sets kernel hooks and does not allow the other applications to communicate with the sandboxed applications. This type of popup can not be remembered.

You can try to configure GesWall so that it will give cmdagent.exe full rights.

Or You can try the CPF 2.3 beta version with value OSMode = 3 to see if this is still a case. Fr more information please have a look at,650.msg3960.html#msg3960


Thanks I will try this, though I don,t think it will work.

Thanks for the reply. I can understand that Comodo is working well but my problem is GesWall. So there is no way I can get rif of these pop ups.
BTW cmfagent.exe has full rights in geswall by default. Moreover I did not have this issue in previous version of Comodo.
How can I right this issue to the support?


We will look into this asap.


Many thanks. BTW I can confirm that I have this issue with the latest beta as well.
Another memeber at Wilders forums told me that he has same issue while using BufferZone sandbox with Comodo, so it might be a common issue with all/ most sandbox programmes and it will be nice to have a work around this as it might benefit many users.

We will most definitely have a look at this. And while we are at it, we might even do our our Sanboxing product :slight_smile: (watch this space :slight_smile: )


Thanks and i will be realy excited to try that sandbox.

BTW, I can confirm that same problem is encountered wirh Sandboxie as well. So to sum up,
similar issues with GesWall, Sandboxie and BufferZone( however not with DefenceWall).
Currently I can only get rid of these pop ups by switching off Application Behaviour( sadly these is no option to exempt a single application form this) but by this way I am loosing a real nice and advanced feature of Comdo forewall.

thanks for the feedback…
we have noted it and see if we can fix it asap