Comodo Firewall -- No connections to router from wireless lan adapter

Hello and want you to know that I am new to this forum as of today’s date because this morning I installed Comodo Firewall on my desktop. No problem to install them but for some reasons I can’t get the web browser working because of no connection. Now my desktop is using wireless connection which connect to anothter computer have a router to setup for another computers to connect. What did I have done wrong with this and nothing working trying to connect to wireless connection. I am not sure what do I have to fix this to get the connection working between the router and my desktop.

Your help would be appreciated!

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i am not canadian so i do not understand what you are speaking about ???
Can you try in french ? or in spanish, German,Arabs, Italian, Turkish, Swedish, Norwegian ?
a wired connection is not working but a wifi yes ? and it will be the comodo firewall wich do block you ? between two routers and two anothers computers ???
i do not understand.

OK my first language is American Sign Language and second language is English. What I am trying to say this time because the last message that I posted got all confused. I am sorry for this because I checked the connections and is working with no problem but can’t get the internet working like for example: I type the URL link and the message said " Server not found " so is that something I did mess up while installing the exe file of Comodo Firewall first time about one hour ago. The internet is not working like type any links and came up with error messages as above. But I see the wireless connection on the bottom right of taskbar is showing " Connect ". So now how do I get the internet working after type the URL link in Firefox?

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Try to translate FW in user with the notification.

Also: Set alert Frequency level - High or Very High

Want to say thank you for posting this but still not working. So I decided to uninstall this program because I am NOT going to waste my time all day trying to fix this Comodo Firewall. What version do I have of this program and here is 7.0.315459.4132 and find a little different from the help of jenny66 who postedf this link below:

So that is why I decided to uninstall this. I am sorry that I decided because I want to get my internet working not trying to figure out why is not connect to internet via wireless which is working with no problem.

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It is a pity didn’t help.
Maybe blocks adapter drivers?
Maybe there are records?
Look in magazines of blocking.
While ideas aren’t present more.
Also: It is necessary to look at global rules.
Maybe there is no rule.

Edit: For me 7 is too the new version.
And not very much I know everything.

i think it is about his wired connection and not about the internet access … so it is a hardware problem not a firewall comodo trouble … i have the version 6 and i never had problem.
(i wonder where this version 7 is coming from … maybe a bad download or install)

Anyway want you all to know that now I can’t access to the internet even with the wireless adapter connect. I am stuck with no internet so I unistalled the program of Comodo Firewall and nothing working now.Guess that the program of Comodo Firewall doesn’t like my desktop. Maybe you can tell me how to get the internet working again because I have spent more than 3 hours trying to get the internet work . I did tried few things with command prompt and said that there is a problem with Windows IP Configuration. I don’t know what to look for this part with Windows IP Configuration? Maybe you can tell me how to get into this part and fix Windows XP Configuration.

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John >:-D >:-D

Hi imcanadian,
I am guessing Comodo Secure DNS is interfering with your connection.
Comodo Secure DNS is optional during installation, but is opt-in by default.
Removal of Comodo does not revert your DNS settings to the previous state.
To correct this issue, follow the steps in the link below and in the final step select ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically’.
Windows XP - Manually Enabling or Disabling Comodo Secure DNS

Kind regards.

it will be nice that his problem be solved _thx captainsticks

Want to say thanks to captainsticks for the guide about trying to fix. Still doesn’t work at all with Windows IP configuration. I shouldn’t have to download and install the program of Comodo Firewall in the first place and now can’t access to the internet but the wireless connections is working. I have been googling all day and found several fixes from Microsoft and others. Guess what?? Still NOT working. Wow I should have a second thought not to install this stupid program of Comodo Firewall because your program messed up my computer. Before installing your program and had no problem to access to the internet with Firefox or Google or Internet Explorer and now I can’t. Do you have an answer how to get this working again. Hope so

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One other thing I can think of John.
In your connection properties, make certain that the Firewall driver was removed after uninstalling Comodo Firewall.
If it is still present highlight it and select uninstall. (Screenshot).

[attachment deleted by admin]

Anyway I tried everything and still not working with no firewall. I spoke with someone who is a tech support and said that my firewall is damaged by Comodo Firewall. Do you have a repair for this so I can get my firewall back online again or stuck with no firewall at all. Your help would be appreciated.


and even not windows firewall ?
recovery option could help you or restore from an old date (point)

Yes I have tried to do system restore and for some reason that did not complete the restore. Here is the message below:

Restoration Incomplete:

Your computer cannot be restored to:

Sunday, March 30, 2014
System Checkpoint

No changes have been made to your computer.

To choose another restore point, restart System Restore.

I tried all dates with no luck to do system restore.

I don’t know what else to do with this and wondering if I can repair the operating system with my CD Disk of Microsoft Windows XP Professional or not.


if you have not a recovery option, yes do it use your cd install (my CD Disk of Microsoft Windows XP Professional)_end of life for xp … i though you was on Windows 8 … you can have a new one (Windows 8) if you have the key (can be_found with a little free tool).

Yes I do have another computer with Windows 7 and I am not touching anything with any freeware programs in it. But the old one with IBM desktop I have several freeware programs in it. Now before I go further to reinstall the operating system of Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Yes I do have the key for this. What I want to know about reinstalling the operating system is that what happen to all the programs on the computer? Will that all gone becasue of reinstalling so should I make a back up copy like DVD’s or just reinstall that will not affect any other programs in my desktop.

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should I make a back up copy ? YES _ on usb stick or cd
Will that all gone because of reinstalling ? YES _ reinstall means erase the disk (your cd install do that) and rewrite on the disk your new Windows xp.
Yes I do have the key for this : i hope so ! anyway; if you have not or loose your xp disk ; i suppose you can download a new -free- because it is end of life _ and linux offers free O.S. like ubuntu; mint etc.
what happen to all the programs on the computer?
all will be definitely lost

Hi John,
Is your Windows Firewall not starting from the control panel?

It might be worth trying system restore from Windows safe mode.
To start the computer in safe mode-Microsoft

yes you are right captain sticks, it can work smoothly on safemode !