Comodo Firewall never worked on my PCs


I have been trying to install Comodo Firewall for the last several years now, but have never been able to let it stay in my PC for more than a few minutes.

Every time I installed the firewall and the PC rebooted, everything would just freeze up and the computer would stop responding. Then I have to run my PC on safe mode and remove the firewall. I have tried this numerous time on my 3 PCs, but never could get it to work. All my PCs use Win XP Pro.

Recently, I tried to install CIS, but again the same above symptoms showed up after rebooting. This time, remembering my earlier experiences, I reinstalled CIS without the Firewall option. This time everything worked fine and till date I haven’t had any issues. I have now CIS without the firewall on all my PCs with Zonealarm as the firewall.

Though I like Zone Alarm a lot, I would still like to try the Comodo Firewall. Could anyone please let me know what seems to be the problem here.

Thanks a lot

Hi Niki

Welcome to the Comodo forums

It sounds like you have a conflict with another security application when you attempt to install CIS. Often ZA needs to be removed completely before installing another firewall. The uninstaller does not always remove everything so it is advisable to follow the instructions included here.;msg209105#msg209105

Let us know how this works out for you