Comodo Firewall - My Opinion

For a long time I have been using the Kerio Personal Firewall and have been very happy (even paid for the full version). After Sunbelt took over, the firewall seems to have become buggy and not automatically starting with Windows so I was looking for an alternative, preferably better…

So I installed the Comodo Firewall without any problems (uninstalling was no issue as well). The user interface is much more colorful than what I was used to and I liked it. My main problem with it is that I have very little idea whether it is working or not. Kerio warns me every time I or the OS start a program or a connection is about to be established (in and out). Comodo seems to decide for itself what is ok and what not. Any attempts of mine to customize the application rules have failed and I am not sure what learning mode means if it doesn’t let me set up the security settings…?

While I realize that the firewall uses an online authentication method, there are privacy and security concerns. For example, the exact mechanism is not documented on this site therefore there is no peer review. Since it seems to connect to Comodo for application verification, it is possible to create a user profile. The firewall also did not warn when it was connecting online.

Now of course I also used Google and it comes up with many hits wih links where Comodo is accused of installing spyware or containing spyware. That is not exactly helping me have confidence in the firewall, whether the information is correct or not I don’t know. Comodo seems to be the only firewall that I had this happen with (when searching for additional information).

Maybe it would be a good idea for the programmers to use the Kerio firewall for a bit and see how powerful and useful the functionality of this tiny firewall is. Comodo should try to buy/license the firewall from Sunbelt as they don’t seem too enthusiastic about improving it.

I know this has been a mostly negative comment, I do hope for improvement since I think it has potential, just needs some refinements. Until then it is Kerio for me…

Hello sv4u,

firstly I can assure you that no Comodo product comes packaged with any spyware. Much of what you may read is due to inaccurate reports on Trust Toolbar. It may be worth you reading this:;topicseen

With regard to viewing connections etc: CFP has a safelist of known application that it will not warn you about by default. This is because most users do not want to be bothered by lots of pop - ups. If you want to see warnings for every file then you can go into CFP settings (Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous) and untick the box ‘do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo’.

There is a great collection of tutorials and troubleshooting information available here:

If you cant find information you need then you can always post questions on the Forum and you will usually get answers pretty quickly, sometimes even from the CEO of Comodo.

If you still wish to go back to Kerio that is fair enough but CFP is very configurable and information and help is available via these forums if you want to give CFP another try. Also, the next version of the firewall is in beta testing and is looking very promising.