Comodo Firewall Multilingual Release(2.4.0.x BETA)(16th Nov, 2006)

Hi Guys,
We will be making BETA version of Comodo Firewall live on 7th Nov, 2006.
We will try to accomodate as many languages as we can get translated by 30th Oct, 2006.

So 30th Oct, 2006 is the last date to complete translation so that we can target beta release date.

So looking forward for translation to be completed from all the translators mentioned under:,3239.0.html


[EDITED on 7th Nov, 2006]
Sorry to inform that we are delaying release of BETA to 16th Nov, 2006.
BETA will have Buffer Overflow Protection with multilanguage capabilities.

Do we no if the folder lock problem has been resolved in this beta?,2304.0.html

Is there a change list?

Nice! :slight_smile:

Will our normal settings save … and if they don’t ill skip on the beta… but PLEASE put it in the final! I hate losing my settings…

It’s a good news:BNC.I’ll try it.

You can backup your rules with this script, if you want to.,2366.0.html

So any big changes in this version? New Icons, better performance?

Aside from being multilingual, the 2.4 Beta is rumored to have HIPS & Buffer Overflow protection. But, nothing is confirmed yet. Not long to wait now anyway.

Better later than with bugs unlike others, who release their soft no matter what. :wink:

What will be if You already have calculated a project within a two week delay-

it will follow a two week delay…

Two week delays are always there evertime, every place - so may be sometimes
a two week delay is our best friend. Gives us time to think or not :P…
A good developement need’s time - - - :wink:


Like at Duke Nukem? :smiley:

Somone call me a dentist, please -.-

it is understanding and acknowledgment :wink:


Any news about when will be released?



The current date is November 16th. Please note that this date is subject to change.


Thanks for the info, justin1278 :wink:

Not a problem :smiley:

In my city… Me and a few friends are having Nov 16th to be … PULL UP YOUR SOCKS DAY… So I guess thats 3 good things happening… I get paid, pull up my socks… and log into the forums to download the beta.

I guess they can call the first beta Socks Day Edition, can’t they? (:LGH)


As the latest beta of Comodo Personal Firewall has been released I have locked this topic, we would appreciate any feedback you can send us with the latest beta version.