Comodo Firewall - More Customized Installation Options

I have been using CPFW in Firewall only mode as I have another HIPS application. I am quite pleased but I was wondering whether the developers can create custom installation where you have the option of just having the firewall installed without the HIPS component rather than the option of just disabling it.

Moreover, the Anti-Virus modules sit dormant on your hard drive in the event you ever want that installed too.

I would say to allow more installation options to minimize the bloat if we so choose.

I am sure that there are many of us who are looking for, and just want, a simple robust firewall.

There have been posts asking for a more modular installer. Something that you pick what you wish to install, and the installer then downloads only those modules. No unnecessary files on your HD this way. :slight_smile:

Whether or not Comodo is considering this is unknown.