comodo firewall may have caused this issue

I installed comodo firewall nearly 5 days ago. And yesterday when I started my computer it stopped at the screen with a black screen and cursor which generally appears before the welcome screen,the cursor was moving and the screen was not froze, i waited for some time and then I shut down it by the power button and restarted again. This time it started fine and didnt have any problems. But can you please let me know why this happened? And also during the restart besides verifying dmi pool data I saw the words “update success” too. Just wanted to know if this happened or happens to anyone else using comodo firewall bcoz this never happened before I installed comodo firewall.
Thank you in advance.

Can you check the windows event logs for any related information. To open the event logs run eventvwr.msc from the start menu.

Hi radaghast,
This didnt occur again. But I wanted to know if its an issue caused by comodo firewall(like problems with windows handling a comodo update or anything like that) or anything malicious.
Thanks for your reply.

Impossible to say without further information. Did you check the logs?

Ok radaghast, Thanks for your response.
I will check the logs right now.
But please tell me what logs I have to check in event viewer, I hope system logs,right?

If you feel like doing a little bit of digging I’ve got an article about How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected.

Please let us know if it happens again.

System and Application are the most likely candidates.

Ok,didnt find anything,but it didnt appear again.
So I think that this topic can be closed.
Thanks to radaghast and chiron for replying.