comodo firewall malware scanner detects hostsman. (Resolved)

i think i found a bug in cis, i have set cis to ignore the hostsman detection 3 times but it is still detected sometimes by the resident. the only thing running all the time that is related to hostsman is the hostsserver. why cant cis ignore hostsman? it doesnt seem to remember that i have ignored it.

i hope you have got the file i sent.

That can be confirmed Blues, there is a problem with exclusions…

thanks :slight_smile:

i couldnt see that cis has a right click scan to scan files with either, maybe you will include it.

That’s number 1 on the Wishlist.
If i could include it i would but i’m not COMODO staff, just a user and moderator here :wink:

hostsman is no longer detected by the comodo firewall scanner :slight_smile:

Hi Blues,

Thanks for reporting back i’ll close this post now.

If you need it reopened again PM me or an active mod.