Comodo Firewall makes Firefox crash


I tried, twice, the new Comodo Firewall (it looks great), but Firefox doesn’t like it. The browser crashed and it didn’t move anymore. A pity. I’m using Bitdefender Antivirus 2013.

This is definitely not normal behavior.

If you give us more specifics, we may be able to help, or you could file a bug report. Details on how to file a bug report can be found here: CHECKLIST - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

Hi HeffeD,

I use Windows 7 Home Premium and the Bitdefender Antivirus 2013.

I just installed Comodo fw again. In BitDefender I excluded C/Program files/Comodo, as early as possible.
In Firefox I visited a few websites before the browser frose and didn’t move anymore.
Internet explorer 9 keeps moving and nothing is wrong, but I prefer Firefox. When using the Windows Firewall, nothing is wrong with Firefox.

Does the same thing happen when you do a clean install of Firefox?

Before uninstalling completely please back up your configuration with Mozbackup. After the clean installation run FF and see what happens. If that is successful import your old configuration.

I filled out a bug report on Firefox and Ice Dragon auto double sandboxing adobe flash plugin. that’s probable one of the reason he is experiencing this…

it’s a really long post but i did fill out a full formatted bug report on Firefox and ice dragon…

i also filed a bug bug report when i was running 2639 with bit defender but i gave up and went to avast7! free and left bitdefender behind.;msg642405#msg642405

bit defender av, comodo firewall, and firefox or ice dragon just don’t mix right now.

Thank you very much for the reactions the three of you. I think I understand that maybe next year there is a better change tu use FF, BD-av and Comodo fw.
I removed Comodo Firewall. With the one of Windows, Firefox is ok again. But…in other words…it’s Bitdefender that causes the problem. I keep it, because I paid for it.

I wish you all a good 2013.


I wish to report I have the same problem I have the BitDenefer 2011, Firefox 19 installed and the latest Comodo installed.

I have try a very clean install of my Firefox which clear all cache and registry and ain’t work until I uninstall my Comodo.