Comodo Firewall Main Screen Always Comes Up After Windows Load

Just of late, one of my PCs is having the Comodo Firewall Main screen automatically stay displayed upon Comodo start-up after boot-up. This didn’t used to happen and my other PCs that have Comodo are not having this issue. I don’t see a setting I can change to fix this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

The startup command line should include a ‘-h’ switch to hide the GUI. Check to see if this is missing.

I, too, am annoyed that the main screen of Comodo now appears on my desktop after/when I start my computer, and it didn’t used to do so. Visiting here didn’t solve it (where IS the startup command line with or without a -h?).

This procedure seemed to work for me. At the main window, choose Miscellaneous, then Settings. The first check box on the first tab is “Automatically start…with windows…” I unchecked this box, then rebooted. Comodo did not re-appear on my desktop, but it DID still run and appear as its logo in the System Tray. So I am still protected by Comodo, but without the annoying screen “pop-up.”

This is counterintuitive to me. I do NOT want to disable the firewall (just turn of the main display screen). And this step did not, even tough it sounds like it should. But, it seemed to work on my two test reboots.

Good luck.

Please see the thread here. I will close this one.