Comodo Firewall Logs

I get this log continuously after installing Comodo Firewall.

Also i saw from the Task Manager that cpf.exe is consuming some cpu while this log is being created.

I scanned for viruses and spyware, nothing found.

Somebody please help!


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Welcome, Sam (:WAV)

Looks like the IP belongs to Reliance InfoCom… possibly your ISP?

The inbound entries are IGMP, or a multicasting protocol. This is not uncommon on a network, or if you use some applications, like IM programs.

However, if it’s a constant thing, it can be very annoying, as the logging does increase CPU consumption for the firewall.

You may want to create a new Network Monitor Rule, as such:

Block IP In, Source IP (Range of IPs) - (this is their entire range), Destination IP Any, IP Protocol Details IGMP.

You can narrow the IP range down if you want; that block is Reliance’s entire block.

Place the rule right above the default Block & Log rule at the bottom (so your new rule is second-to-last). Now it will stop the traffic before the bottom rule does. By not setting it to log (the “Create an Alert…” box), you don’t clutter up your logs with this traffic, it’s blocked, and you’re all set.

Hope this helps,


It could also be either the Windows Service UPnP Host or maybe even your router (if you have one), as some do use UPnP multicasts.

Thanks Little Mac. Yes i’m on Reliance as you said, but creating that rule didn’t solve my problem, the logging is still continue.

See the pics,

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I see you have other entries besides the 124.x.x.x IP for IGMP. You may want to change the rule, and take out the IP address range, just leave it as Any Source, to block all IGMP.

As for why it’s still logging, a reboot will probably fix that. Reboot first, check to see if it’s still logging the 124.x.x.x entries. If all is good there and you’re still getting the others, you might change it as I mentioned above; otherwise your log will keep filling up & using resources.