Comodo Firewall log blocked UDP Port 0 out to Comodo Server. Is this a bug?

Can you take a look at the snippet of this Firewall log and tell me if I should be concerned or if this is a program bug? Why is my PC trying to contact Comodo on Port 0? And if that is a normal thing (which it really shouldn’t be), it would seem that Comodo saw it as a problem and blocked it. Trying to establish if I have malware that isn’t being picked up somehow. I have the firewall set to Proactive Security and have only created two Global rules that block SMB ports 137-139 and 445.

Date & Time Application Action Direction Protocol Source IP Source Port Destination IP Destination Port
2018-08-19 11:39:48 Windows Operating System Blocked Out UDP 0 0

Thanks in advance.

When source and destination port is 0 it means a fragmented packet, these fragmented packets are blocked regardless of application or global rules when you have block fragmented IP traffic in firewall advanced settings enabled.

Aha. That makes sense. Thank you for the quick response!