comodo firewall log activity strange [RESOLVED]

here is a pic of my log file why is it blocking this safari is working so what up here also svchost is blocked can someone help me understand this.

Most likely those are inbound blocks not outbound. Something in Safari is being block trying to come back in but that ok aslong as it work. Do you have Safari set as a web browser? Also I really do suugest using Firefox. Running MAC software on a pc isn’t all that good. Like iTunes. Its bloated junk. Winamp can do anything iTunes can using less ram and it also doesn’t have to edit your your WMA files cause it can read them.

yes it is sorry i had to put a link up tp that file as it was huge lol. not sure whats up with that. gona delete and redo it and see if that helps. i don’t like firefox never have when i found safari it was just what i needed it’s not mac software it’s made for windows now.

Of course its for pc or else it wouldn’t run but its still made by MAC. Have you tried Firefox 3.0? Its faster and safer then Safari ever could be.

The traffic from safari is outbound, and it is trying to access port 110, which is POP email. An inverse lookup on the two IP addresses show Safari is checking your mail?

The svchost traffic is inbound, coming from your router, and is UPnP stuff. You can turn off UPnP on your router, and it will go away.

yes i was checking my mail sometime ago today why would that be blocked as it did let me log in and check it. is wired and strange. if i turn off UPnP will that hurt anything ? or is it going to hurt anything to leave it on? also windows live mail do sent use your default browser dose it as it was having problems getting into my mail today?

i just notes the times on those logs i was just browsing the net then wasn’t even checking my mail now thats strange why would comcast try and contact my browser I’m calling comcast support to ask them why there ip is trying to contact my web browser when i wasn’t checking my mail at that time.

I would assume then that you were checking your mail using a web interface? Web uses port 80, and should use port 443 to get you logged in (secure connection stuff). Depending on how you are configured, it could have also tried to use plain old classic POP email, which is what got blocked.

UPnP is one of those “helpful” things from Microsoft, that let application programs automatically tell your router to change it’s configuration. Useful for VoIP, and maybe p2p filesharing. Also useful for Internet based malware to spoof your router to tell it to let malware in. UPnP doesn’t have any builtin security settings. Best to turn it off, and if you need to set up some kind of router port forwarding, you’ll know about as you get to do it yourself.

I kind of doubt that Windows Live Mail would be using as a mail server. So, nope, not that, unless I’m confusing a web product with an application program.

I would suspect it would be more likely there is an automatic check in your email application, and it just happened to be at that moment. I don’t know safari, so I don’t know if it has any email settings or not. I’d suggest checking all your setup options. Your machine tried to contact comast. They did not try to connect back to you.

How do you check your email? From a web site like or from Windows Live Mail? I myself never use POP3 email and always log into Web based email is alot safer.

i check it threw windows live mail its a application on my computer and i just notes the settings for comcast is POP3 and it is using as incoming and for outgoing this could be the source of my blocking maybe.

Most browsers don’t have email. You can just check your email if you go into Comcast’s web site. Opera has an email client but I never tried it.

so your saying i should dump the program on my computer and use the web mail its safer ? should i uninstall windows live mail from my computer or just erase all the settings in it and not use it? is it a security risk to use a application thats on my pc that checks my mail?

If safari does not have an email component, then it doesn’t have any reason to try to communicate on port 110. POP3 is not a really friendly protocol, and doesn’t mesh well with a web browser.

Two things come to mind. One is that there is some kind of add-on for safari that does something with POP email. I believe that to be the case with other browsers.

The other, is that some other application you have, invoked safari (either deliberately, or as your default browser) and tried to reach out to comcast mail. The way to check that is a bit tedious, but CFP Defense+ keeps the application relationships as part of its rules. You just need to find which application is allowed to invoke safari.

If you have only a few applications, that isn’t too bad an effort to check each of the Access Right. But, if you have a lot of applications that you’ve run, then getting a CFP Config Report (from the reporting script in the sticky at the top of the forum) and doing a search in the report for “safari.exe” will tell you. Or post the report file here.

Security, in large part, comes down to a question of understanding what’s going on. Web mail is fairly easy to understand. If you’re using secure web browsing (the little lock icon, and the https: links - note the ‘s’), and have a good mail login password, you’re as secure as you can get with web mail.

With POP mail, there is a lot more stuff in the background, and the level of understanding is different. APOP, RPOP, KPOP, STLS, and all the other POP configuration options that both your machine’s mail program has to support, and the server you’re connecting to has to support (both have to talk the same bits, or it doesn’t work). properly configured, POP is equally secure. The understanding to get that equivalent security is different.

You do not need to uninstall Live Mail just don’t use it. You can make Comcast email your default mail. I am on XP so it comes with Outlook Express which I do not use cause 99% of the time your surfing the web so why not just surf the web abd check your email at the same time. You can make your homepage and always stay logged in. When I had Comast this is what I did. Now that I am on DSl with AT&T which uses Yahoo email my homepage is Yahho. So when ever I start up Firefox I am get a nice homepage customized to myself which says “Good Evening Chet” you have 2 unread emails. Yahoo also uses Norton and every attachment is scanned automatically before you even can open it. I believe Comcast does the same but with MacFee. So basically Windows knows that Yahoo is my default email client.

Good explanation grue. (R) :BNC :■■■■

oh ok i was going to say dam i been using this program for a long time and i configured according to comcast so it should be correct or it would not work lol. there is a listing for safari in the windows live mail access rights but thats for when i click a link to come here defense + asked me if i want winlive mail access safari. but thats the only one i know off that is there for a mail program. the thing you are talking about the script is it safe to use and is there a uninstall program for it ? i’m not a technical user by any means.

the bad part about using comcast mail is it docent support firefox fully or safari or opera so i cant cut and past pictures or text in there thats why i switched to win live mail. so if its configured a ok and working then it should be just as safe correct? I’m on XP pro as well windows live mail is a d-loaded program that takes over for outlook i like it better.

Comcast email works fine in Firefox. Just use IE plugin if you need it.