Comodo Firewall loads last in the row

It seems very strange to me that the Comodo Firewall v 3.0 loads last of all programs that have to load. My pick of Avast and BoClean load normally as first applications, then several others as ClamWin on-demand scaner, Daemon tools, ATI Control center, I get connected to Internet, and actually I can use Internet, and after 4-5 minutes later Comodo Firewall loads. To me this load sequence is not normal. I’m exposed for these 4 minutes. Should I manually change the sequence of loading and how?

I also have this issue of Comodo Firewall loading last. However, I do believe that although CFP is not apparent in the tray, all the protection services and drivers are loaded and protecting you. Although the UI has not yet loaded.

I'm exposed for these 4 minutes

From what I understand you are protected even from Windows boot and it is just the UI that is last to load.