Comodo firewall learning mode ....

I used the previous version of comodo and have just come back to using version 3 , personally i like the product as it is now one of the best about , i did contact them however concerning several issues , none of which have been rectified and i am at a loss as to why these simple issuses can not be re-solved .

  1. Why when in learning mode is the alert box covered by learning mode when you want to click allow or its an updater , ( tip drag the alert box up your screen , saves your sanity ) , exceptionaly easy to fix i would of thought .
  2. Why doesn’t the firewall recognise other comodo products ?? anti virus , BOClean ???
  3. Can someone at Comodo inform microsoft that they do actually provide anti virus and just because windows cant detect it , it doesn’t mean you dont have have one ( another tip , turn off the notification on the windows firewall to prevent the tray icon and balloon telling you that you dont have any anti virus installed if using the comodo one ) and … bill gates and co , lol (:AGY)