Comodo Firewall "Learn Mode" [Resolved]

I think I should post this in the Firewall forum, but I didn’t see a “New Topic” button there. I apologize if I am in error. I have Comodo Firewall ver. running with WindowsXP Pro. It works fine. I notice that at “Component Monitor” it is in “Learning” mode. The choices at that tab are “Turn On”, “Turn Off”, and “Learn Mode”, which is selected, and has been ever since I installed it. How long should it be in Learning Mode? Should I select “Turn On” or will that happen automatically when the program determines it has learned what it needs to learn? Thanks.

Hey zoofence, and welcome to the forum.
I’d recommend that you keep it in ‘Learning mode’, or switch to ‘On’ when you have ran all programs that need Internet access. Not sure tho, but I think you’ll get lot more pop-ups if you switch to ‘On’ at once, that’'s why not put it ‘On’ before you ran everything that needs Internet access. Hope you got some help.


Hey all> Sounds right.
It’s been my experience that you do get more ‘pop-ups’
It’s a trade off (:KWL)

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Thanks to all. I will leave it in Learn Mode. And next time I will post at the Help Forum. My apologies.

No problems. If you feel your system is safe and after a few weeks since installing CFP, you can try On mode if you like.

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