Comodo Firewall last version (only Firewall) on Win10 prob, no show VPN connect

Good day, ty for ur beautiful Firewall free.
In the past all work great, but 1 week ago is changed (i don’t know what is changed) but now, only when i active a VPN in the window for see the current connections i don’t see the program list that use the VPN IP, and i see only the connection from my Router on VPN server with OpenVPN or other sistem of VPN.
In the past all work great, for example if i use my browser in normal mode i see the start ip is my Router (ex connected in internet and always in the past with the VPN enable i saw in the window for look the active connections, my browser connectet from the VPN IP (ex etc…) to internet.
Now, in normal mode all is ok, BUT when i enable the VPN (tested much others VPN) in the window for look my connectioons in real time i don’t see the programs connecteed in VPN, i lost all and i see only OpenVPN (for example, but also Idra and others) connection form my router to Server VPN.

Now, for look all the connections active i use a externat program free and i can see that all is correct and all the software IP start form VPN and no my interna IP of the router, i don’t know what is changed, but now is so and when i active the VPN in the windows, in the screen of Comodo i lose all the connections from VPN and i see the blank window…

For info:

  • i removed Comodo and reinstalled 3 times, without solution.
  • i removed the IP of VPN form trust zone, now don’t have the IP of VPN, internet work in VPN and Comodo don’t add the new Zones because don’t is able of see the new zone (i think) but is enable the option for search and add new zones.
  • i added in manual mode the new VPN zone, nothing is changed and i removed the VPN zone again (idk if added correctly the manual VPN zone)
  • the log is disable (of Comodo), but also if i active don’t work and i don’t see the active connections of my programs that use ths VPN starting IP
  • sometimes i change Win10 options, win10 have one option that can make this a Comodo?

I wrote a post also here in another language, but now i write here in international help because my previous post is without a reply…

I know that i can use another program for look if the connections are all ok, but i don’t understand why is so now, i don’t know if so Comdodo firewall in VPN protect me, and is uncomfortable this sitauation…
Ty for all

EDIT: i love ur old version 5.3.1… (35MB, now is 180MB) but work on windows until Win7, yes in my old so win7 work great, but don’t work in Win10.
Is possible install this old version of Comodo firewall install and work in win10??
EDIT2: i will try ur old free version 6 and last 5 on win10…
EDIT3: tested all setups and all versions of Comodo, tested all setups of Win10 and nothing solved…
FINAL: Im sry, but changed firewall…