COMODO firewall keeps blocking a hacker attempt every second or two!!

Hi guys, for some reason about every few seconds comodo blocks a hacker attempt heres the details:
Application: Windows Operating system
Action: Blocked
Protocol: Some UDP/Some TCP
source Ip: Random, I have tracked down some. Here is one I just tracked down a few minuntes ago:

Source port: Lots of different ones, Such as 1167, 1264
Destination: Also random, But most are and some are MY Ip address!
Destination port: Also random

So what gives? I don’t think that if a hacker is trying to get into my computer that they will try every second or two. I have CIS 3.9 with updated antivirus and have ran a scan with Comodo, malwarebytes and superantispyware removing all that they found. I don’t download much stuff, just a normal web user/gaming annoyed by all theses hacker attempts!

Hello do you use any P2p software?

what you might be seeing are port scans, it is normal for them to happen that often. I am also behind a router firewall that takes care of all of that stuff for me. But it looks like you are not. Try this test go here, click proceed, continue in the pop up and click all service ports. what do you get? GRC | ShieldsUP! — Internet Vulnerability Profiling  

You can also go to Firewall → Stealth Port Wizard → And chose the type of protection you want.

Choose the option at the bottom to be Stealth. Can you show us a screenshot of your Firewall logs? I think most of what you see may be just router chatter and internet “noise”.

Sorry it took so long to replay. All ports are closed or in stealth mode. All the hacker attempts are now 100% the same for some reason. Heres my log (picture)