Comodo Firewall is sadly forcing me to quit using it...

Ever since I’ve installed CIS on Vista x64 I’ve been having spontaneous freezes during system operation. It locks up without any events in the system or firewall log and only hitting RESET snaps it out. The best way to reproduce this is to simply go to Device Manager and change the channel of the wireless USB adapter. Once you do that the system including mouse cursor freeze. I tried using the driver updated by Windows Update, the same thing happens.

Being wireless USB removable at any time its driver doesn’t penetrate the kernel and doesn’t depend on it. Coupled with the fact that I had the same issue with 2 different drivers I can safely say this is a Comodo problem and not a problem with the driver. And yes Windows Firewall is off, more than that, the whole firewall service is disabled.

On top of that occasionally I cannot terminate an app. It freezes and remains in task manager end task does absolutely nothing I have to hard reboot my comp, because otherwise it gets stuck at shutdown - not even shutdown can terminate the app. This reminds me of ZoneAlarm and P2P programs, although this is happening to programs like GoldWave which don’t use network so I suspect a D+ bug.

Unless these problems which didn’t exist on x32 are fixed for x64 I am afraid I have to quit the firewall I’ve been praising for 1 year+ and look for an alternative.

Did you notice what process has took out CPU? cmdagent?

There’s no way to tell. Like I said there’s no crash dump or blue screen or event in the log. It just locks up and freezes completly if I try to switch the wireless channel on the USB dongle. Alternatively it also freezes the same way every week or so during normal operation. For example two weeks ago I was editing a post right here on your forums when the computer suddeny froze in mid-typing.

Back on 32bit I bought a wireless PCI network card. Comodo also caused random freeze issues, though more often. I didn’t switch channels back then so I don’t know it it was the exact same issue. I loved Comodo so much that I uninstalled my PCI card and bought a Wireless USB stick instead, hoping its drivers would be Comodo-friendly. To my luck they were. (relevant thread;msg146182#msg146182) Now on Vista 64 Comodo’s ticked off with the Wireless USB.

Polish up the drivers please.