Comodo firewall is Quiet for some time

Firewall Security Level > :P0l Train with Safe Mode
Defense Security Level > :P0l ^^ ^^ ^^

Is everything al right?

Hi mastzer82

If on your summary page of CFP you have a big green circle with a check mark then it is alright. Once CFP learns your programs it is a very quiet firewall. The only time you will see action is if you install a new app or malware is attempting to get in or out.


Sorry John, but I disagree.
I have never seen any change to the green circle with check mark, regardless of how disastrous the situation is.
That panel has always told me everything is fine, and I do not need to perform any actions.

Below “Summary” is the Network Defense section, which tells you (and lets you control) the Firewall Security Level.
There are various settings. It MIGHT be disabled, and the Summary still says everything is fine.

Below this is the Proactive Defense which shows (and controls) Defense+ security level.
This security level can also be disabled, and the Summary still says everything is fine.

Also at the bottom, look for “Switch to Previous Mode” - this is a BIG NO NO, which means anything can happen.
What you want to see is the alternative option, “Switch to Installation Mode”, which means you can allow anything to happen if you click, but for now Defense+ is operating at the specified security level.

I really miss Comodo 2.4. It always gave me a line of coloured squares. If they were all green I was good to go, and if not it was time to review my settings.

I really miss Comodo 2.4. I did not HAVE to open it to see the line of coloured squares. I only had to glance at its icon in the notification tray, and its colour would IMMEDIATELY show if it was normal, or if I had set it to block, or if I had switched it to disabled or blocked.
With I have no such icon colour change warning. Nothing at start-up to remind me that when the P.C. was shut down (by either myself or some other user) it was in an abnormal condition.


Green circle with check mark is there only for one reason: to let user know that CF is functioning with no internal errors/disabled drivers etc. (i. e. is functioning properly).
It doesn’t care about user’s mistakes/omissions concerning security configuration.

Comodo has been quiet for me also but thats cause I have had it installed for awhile now and its done learning. The only time I get alerts now is when I install something or patch a game. Makes me happy. (R)

When CFPv3 is in “Installation Mode” meaning the the summery screen is showing “Switch to Previous Mode” this indicates that user has selected the Radio button “Treat this application as” and choosen the “Installer or Updater” Policy this is followed by a CFPv3 alert asking

If you select “Yes” CFPv3 will give the Application for which you selected “Installer or Updater” and up to 3 levels deep of child processes maximum possible D+ access rights(*see footnote (in other word all opptions will be set to allow)) the application will keep these rights until you disable “Installation Mode”. Until CFPv3 “Installation Mode” has been disabled CFPv3 will give reminders every 5 minutes

and the summery screen

  • I am not 100% sure if when “Installation Mode” The Allow rights are given to only the current application for which the “Installer or Updater” policy was applied or to all applications which have the “Installer or Updater” policy for this reason I ocasionally will go into D+ and delete “Installer or Updater” policies on all aplications except Windows updater group