Comodo Firewall is not responding


I am new in Comodo FW, have switched from ZA.

but, when I am browsing the settings in Comodo, opening and closing Comodo windows, it freezes and is not responding. I cant kill the process via Task manager, I cant Close the unresponding program. But it seems Comodo is still doing its job, because it shows messages in tray (about apps activities and asking for permissions…), but I cannot open Comodo windows - because are not responding (do not react on clicking on the task bar).

only solution is to reboot PC or log off my account.

any help?

I have the latest version, WinXP Home 32bit


Naturally you cannot kill Comodo. Thats its self protection. When does this happen? Is Comodo still learning.? Did you read the sticky’s? Look under important topics.

Firewall is set to “Custom Policy Mode” and D+ is set to “Clean PC mode” and yes, it has still many things to learn.
I cannot tell you when exactly it happens. last time I deleted two files from Proactive defense - waiting for my review, and then it freezed. not sure if there were some pop-ups (as is written in another post here about freezing CFP

If you read the stickys you will learn to put D+ in training mode. There is alot of important information that the modders posted to aid newbies.

CFP in training mode, but now it happens again. I was playing with Configuration Import/export and selected Network settings and then again back Optimal settings and it is freezed. the tray icon is stil animated when there is any traffic, but I cannot open CFP window from the task bar…

What are your system specs? XP or Vista? What other security programs are you using? Are you sure you have the latest version? Why were you playing with import and export if you just installed Comodo?

running on WinXP Home, SP3
CPU: C2D E8400
MoBo: Gigabyte P35 DS3R
2gb RAM
VGA: Gigabyte GF 8800GT

other security SW:

Kaspersky Anti Virus 7

I was just wondering what options I have there, in Import/Export…

KAV doesn’t get along with alot of other products. See there web site. Could be KAV causing your problems.