Comodo Firewall is looking through my harddisk?!

:o Is it normal that the Comodo Firewall go around and look through my files on my hard disks? My KAV is alerting me all the time…

Is there a pure firewall version of Comodo? Thanks

Hmm, Yes there is a “pure” firewall to run from comodo.

That link…
Or you can download CIS and untick the AV box and the Safesurf when installing.

When you install this pure firewall you will have to do a thing too.
Disable D+.

Since that is installed by default.
But D+ is really good and I would keep it on.

:SMLR Thanks, I don’t think I have ticked anything other than firewall when installing. I think I did tick D+ though… (:SAD) Whatever is there, is keep going through my drives + files whenever my screensaver become active. And is conflicting with my KAV…

But thanks (:WIN) I will try disabling the D+ and see what happen. Thanks