Comodo Firewall is forgetful! (Constantly!)

Several times I have had to “Allow” an application exclusive rights in order for it to work properly. This program being the: “Yahoo Messenger.”
No matter what I do, Comodo can not seem to remember that I have made a RULE to give the program FULL rights, and I have to re-set it every other boot. (Don’t question me, I hate that! I know what I am talking about and I know what I am doing.)
It’s all ways the same thing, and that program is not the only one! Just after setting up the IExplorer.exe file to give it rights, I will have to re-do it at least 2 more times. Then, next time (Not all ways, but most of them. Like 70/30%) I boot the PC, “Va-la” here we go again.
Quick tip!
Stop using the “Registry” to save your settings, there are too many Registry cleaners, file-fixer’s, cleaners, and other tools to maintain the system and the system’s registry. Try using a plain (normal, comma dilemma;) TXT file to save the settings/rules/devices/etc and have Comodo load them when it start.
This will also make Comodo a “Portable” program, which will appeal to other software users, like “Zone Alarm” ( ← Why I came here!) Black ICE, McAfee, Norton’s, etc; as these particular firewall program’s have the ability to “Export” there settings to another file type. (All support Comma dilemma, some also support other file types.)
By making Comodo Firewall save it’s settings in this manor, you also make it Importable with other users who wish to get away from the “All to common problems” from these Name Brand atrocity’s.

Hi DaddyWarbucks,

Please check out this threads and see whether they solve your problem:

The most probable reasons for the recurring pop-up is either because the program have another parent application directing it to connect to the Internet or the signature of YM changes frequently.

Yours truly,

I would say its the signature that changes.

The f/w is doing its job.

Take a look at comodo help ->Firewall Security → Tasks → Add a New → … Application Control Rule at the bottom where it says " ‘Miscellaneous’ tab ". Try to check the middle option. You could also ‘Skip parent for this application’ or click ‘Allow all activities for this application’. I haven’t been using comodo firewall for a long time, so i can’ t say if this will help, but i think it’s worth a try.

(:WIN) the only way to get to know it, is to ‘play’ with it.