Comodo Firewall is blocking some websites but not others

I have been using Comodo Firewall Pro for several years but all of a sudden it started to block some of websites but not others.

Some of the websites I can access: and many others

Some of the websites that got blocked: (although can be accessed) and possibly others

I have set my firefox to “Trusted application” and IE to “Custom”, both browsers have the same behavior. But if I disable the firewall, all websites can be accessed normally.

Denfense+ level is set to “Train with safe mode”
Firewall is set to “Custom Policy mode”
Firewall event and D+ event did not log anything being blocked.
Firewall “My Port Sets” - port 80 and 443 are opened for Http.

Could someone help me resolve this puzzle so that I don’t have to disable Comodo firewall?

Thanks a bunch.

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Comodo Firewall Pro is a very old version. I recommend exporting your configuration and uninstalling. Then download and install the latest version (installing Firewall only).