Comodo Firewall is blocking Click'n load from Jdownloader

Dear all,
i made the firewall run very fine but there is one thing what makes me run crazy.
Somewhere comodo blocks the Click’n load of Jdownloader but i dont know how to make it acceptable for comodo, cause this isnt an application.
If you click (in the browser) on click’and load from for example share Online or Upload, Jdownloader get those downloadlinks which are standing behind that link. well thats how it had worked before using comodo Firewall.
Now, after installing comodo Firewall you click on Click 'and load nothing happened.
there are no links inserted in JDownloader.

So there might be a block concerning the use of Click’n load.

Does anyone know that problem and might have a solution for it?
SOrry for my bad english. Its not that easy to explain it

Greetings Odiwan

It is an application. Are you sure it’s not being sandboxed. For Jdownloader to work it must take the associations .dlc, .jdc, .ccf. .rddf , and metalinks. Try running the installer as admin.

Well jdownloader is running with admin rights.
And i dont know how to add those assiciations.
well thats the fact, the metalinks couldnt be loaded with jdownloader… they are blocked somehow and i dont know where :frowning: