COMODO Firewall is being initialized ...


Sometimes when I switch my Computer on and move my mouse over the Comodo icon in the Task Bar, I get the message above ie: “COMODO Firewall is being initialized …”. It never changes while the PC is running but the Firewall appears to be running ok. It can therefore be in this state for several hours until I switch my PC off.

Next time I switch the PC on, I may get the normal message “Your computer’s security level is set to ‘Custom’. All systems are up and running.”

Should I worry about this or does it indicate there is some sort of intermittent problem when my PC boots up?

Gordon B

Known problem. It’s a small glitch that does not impact function. I’ve learned to ignore it. Random on boots. At least for version 2.4. Don’t know about V3. Waiting for the last beta so I can start complaining about the GUI :slight_smile:

Al (test with 120 DPI) Adric

As adric said, it’s a known bug and it probably won’t be fixed in 2.4.

If it really bothers you, change security level to ‘Allow all’/‘Block all’ and then back to ‘Custom’ and it will display the message saying 'Your computer’s security level is set to ‘Custom. All systems are up and running’.


Many thanks for the responses.

I am happy to leave things be. Just wanted to check it is ok and you have confirmed that.