Comodo Firewall is being initialized.

Hi Comodo,
I recently installed Comodo Firewall to my PC in place of the onboard Windows firewall.
It has been working fine until now. When I hovered the mouse over the comodo taskbar icon I got something like "Comodo Firewall is active "or something like that.

Earlier this afternoon my PC crashed and after restarting I noticed that now, when I hover the mouse over the Comodo task bar icon it says “Comodo firewall is being initialized”. Everything still ssems to be working but what does this mean and what should I do about it?.

Thanks in advance for any help offered,

If your PC crashed, I’m afraid that you have to reinstall the firewall.
There might be someone else that has a another suggestion.

You should read this topic:,2397.0.html

I had also today. Stop and restartfiewall (I’m behind a router) and it is OK

Thank you for the link clweb,
I too am using Avast AV home and have taken Luxor and Maureens advice on this problem. Hope this has solved it.