COMODO firewall is being initialised [Resolved]

I am new to COMODO Firewall…
COMODO firewall is great…but, when i move my mouse over to the firewall icon in the task bar…
i always get message that “COMODO firewall is being initialised”

is it a bug??? how to resolve it??
and how do i know that it is running perfectly??

plz help.

Greetings ashu, and welcome to Comodo Forums!

Yes, it’s a small bug in CPF2, but nothing serious. I don’t know any fix, and seeing as CPF3 is on its way, I’m not sure if they’ll fix it. Anyways, to check if it’s working, simply click the CPF traybar icon and see if everything’s ‘On’, but ‘Component Monitor’ says ‘Learning’(If you haven’t changed it), so then it’s ok. Hope this answered your questions.
If you have any more questions, I’d be glad to help you with them.


Hi ashu

click on CFP and at the top click on ACTIVITY then Logs, there u will see if there has been recent events, this should tell u that ur firewall is functioning properly

This issue has been raised almost as many times as CFP 3’s release date. I would be surprised if the devs weren’t aware of it (:WIN).

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Thank you all for your help! I really appreciate it!!
I didn’t expected to get help so soon…