Comodo Firewall is advertised as a malware protection, can I remove BOClean?

The last version of Comodo Firewall is advertised as a malware protection too, so can I remove BOClean safely and let Comodo Firewall do all the job ? Thank you.

No. Keep the BoClean. Cos now the scanner integrated in the CFP 3 is only on-demand (:WIN)

Hi victor 92 :slight_smile:

Comodo Firewall Pro uses Defence+, what is in fact a HIPS.

What is a HIPS :

A strong point from Defence+ is that is uses a huge White List of processes that are good and allowed to run. But when a process is not in the White List, Defence+ asks YOU if that process is allowed to run or not. So maybe you think it is good and allow it to run, but in fact it is bad and installs malware on your system :-\ I hope you understand now why you still need an Anti Virus for realtime protection and BOClean as a backup :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.