Comodo Firewall interferes with my browsers - Help

I like the Comodo Firewall, BUT… it interferes with the Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers to the point that they can’t function at all. My IE - which works fine elsewhere - is freezing in Facebook so I’m trying other browsers there. At first, Safari and Chrome danced through Facebook and all was right with the world. But within a short span of time they began having Flash Plugin crashes and/or freeze and die bouts. When I researched the problems, Comodo’s name kept coming up as not working well with others - many others; it doesn’t like my ad Aware app either. How do I get the Comodo Firewall to let my browser’s function? And, if possible, could you speak in layperson language? I haven’t been able to understand many of the answers in this forum. Thank you!

There won’t be many answers if you don’t specify what doesn’t work.

I cannot speak for any “alternative” browser than Firefox, but it works with CIS without any other problem then asking for the specific plugins you might use (and more generally speaking plugin container.exe permissions for very usual objects like Flash).

Could you please tell us what does not work with Firefox and where?

Are you running Ad Aware in the background?

May be there is a compatibility conflict between Ad Aware and CIS. Try putting the all Ad Aware folders to Trusted Files under Defense +. That will keep CIS from monitoring Ad Aware.

When that does not help (enough) try adding the CIS folders to the exclusions of Ad Aware. That should keep Ad Aware from monitoring CIS.

I have used Firefox 4 beta 8, Google Chrome, and Opera 11 with CIS with no problems at all something else has to be crashing your browsers.