Comodo Firewall Installer Suprise Appearance

I have been using CIS since v3.38 and I have never seen anything like this from the Comodo Firewall installer. As a reference I am currently using the Comodo Firewall v5.10 in my Win 7 SP1 computer due to some problems that I had when v7 was installed. For over 5 years I have always used Revo Uninstaller to remove software from my computer, but this evening I used the start menu to find ‘add and remove components’ and as soon as I selected it the Comodo Firewall Installer immediately appeared!

I have never seen anything like this happen during the almost 6 years that I have been using the standalone Comodo Firewall which has always done an absolutely excellent job of protecting my computer. I am hoping that I might gain some insight as to why this one time situation has occurred with the Comodo Firewall Installer.

There is nothing particularly unusual about a product’s installer appearing when you click on it in Control Panel>Programs and Features. Some products use this mechanism to allow you to reinstall, repair, change configuration, or uninstall the product. I am running CFW 7 and clicking on “Next” after the CIS Firewall Installer appears gives you the options “Change”, “Repair”, and “Remove”.

MartiusD- Thank you so much for your quick reply. It’s good to know that the Comodo installer is at the ready should I decide to try v7 of the Comodo Firewall again. It was just such a surprise to find it the way I did.