Comodo Firewall install [Resolved]

Well I had the same problem allot of people here are having updating from the old version to the new version. So I figured I just download the new version and do a straight install that way. Well it uninstalled the old version at least it said it did. During the restart it hung so I had to push the reset button which i hate doing that but oh well. Restarted the PC and the program did not continue like I thought it would. So I double clicked on the installer and now I get this error message.

Now I looked in uninstall and could find no mention of Comodo. I am using this program here to install ‘CFP_Setup_English_2.4.16.174.exe’. Is there a newer version? And any ideas on how to fix this dilemma that I got my self into?

Thank You

Maybe try installing the old version again then (after boot) uninstall - to clear the previous installer.
Or try a system restore to a date before the problem.

Someone else maybe able to help you clear out problems in windows registry, but thats bit more complicated. I used system restore a while back with a similar problem which fixed it.


Well I have never used System Restore before and if anything I have heard plenty of horror stories about using it. Well I restored the system to yesterday and restarted it and everything is back to normal again. Now I just have to be patient and let the built in updater do its job.

Thank You.

Have you clicked the Updater button yet, rather than wait for the auto update?

If it doesnt work, then uninstall the firewall with its own uninstaller in Add/Remove programs, rather than using the new version to remove it. Reboot and install the new version from the setup file.

System restore is great, if a recent restore point is available, although I have used ones a month old without loosing anything.


Yep it is fully updated and ready to go. It took quite awhile but it is done now.