Comodo Firewall incompatibilty in Windows XP3

Comodo 5 Firewall is a cool product:

I downloaded and installed Comodo Firewall with max proactive protection on a clean Windows XP SP3 PC

I noticed some problems after some hours after some reboots, that comodo icon is missing from the taskbar.

I started having this problem after I installed Immunet 2, and Zemana

Now, I cannot see the Immunet icon also

The prgrams installed on my system are:

Avast 5 free
Immunet 2

This is probably a Windows XP bug, not a CIS bug.

It can be resolved in most cases using the technique in this CAS post here.

CFP.exe will be running anyway, just not visible and can be made visible by opening it again using the appropriate start menu link.

I’ll move this to help in case you need any further guidance. Mods will move this back again if you ascertain it is a CIS bug.

Best wishes