comodo firewall icon takes app 1 min to appear

comodo firewall icon takes app 1 min to appear in the taskbar. till the icon appears every activity is slow very slow.
i have 7 icons in the taskbar and all appears within 4-5 secs then why comodo icon takes so long. whats the prob here??

This is normal. Comodo is always the last icon to load on both my machines. When is the last time you defragged?

i know comodo is the last icon to load. but after all the icons load then it takes app 1 min to load as i mentioned in my post. and about the hard disk, memory and defrag, everything is fine. once i week i run ccleaner and at the end of every month i run jk defrag and so no probs here i guess. right. and i reinstalled cfp 3 but its the same. no conflicting item at startup i guess. i have the following startup item

comodo firewall pro 3 latest
comodo safe surf latest
avast home latest
comodo boclean latest
verification engine latest
and finally the sound icon, safely remove hardware icon and the power icon.

You really dont need BOClean since you have Avast and D+.

i included boclean coz avast is a freeware and freewares are always the strip down version of the commercial one. to cover the full spectrum of malware i included boclean as it covers full spectrum of malware according to the description in the site. actually my bro does a lot of net banking and if i ask him to use any secured stuff like keepass, he doesn’t likes using it. but i m concerned. trojans, keyloggers, hackers, are the worst thing so little added security.

heyy vettetech, any thread, any post of mine, i have got a reply from you. thanxx buddy. can i ask u what security u have in ur comp.



Shall I answer for him ??

CFP + KAV (kaspersky) + Sandboxie


Avast is a freeware, but it’s a fully fuctional version. It’s not a cripple. :slight_smile:

Dont make assumptions unless you check your facts. Avast Free and Avast Pro offer the same protection levels. And eXPerience is right on the money with my set up.